Rust Collection a series of handwoven home textiles, infused with rusty iron, creating a natural dye.

Using rust as a pigment, the textiles are dyed in a controlled manner, resulting in a unique pattern that toes a fine line between planned and random.

Inspired by the interaction of humankind and nature, the collection is rooted in the establishment of a new element – one that is natural, yet also artificially created.

The use of rust stems from a personal tendency to engage with readily available, everyday materials, giving them new life through design.

The rust dye demonstrates how the flaws left by time are a source of beauty and vitality, while simultaneously a testimonial to temporality. 


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Each work is ONE OF A KIND and ranges between the meticulous human aesthetics to the wild nature of the material.

The textiles are handwoven on a traditional manual loom, whose slow and laborious process tells a story about not only materiality, but also the figure behind its creation.